Tips For Traveling To Singapore

Singapore is a fascinating travel destination. It is a modern and safe city but it also has a Southeast Asian atmosphere and culture, and it is famous for its food. Traveling to Singapore is easy. Its airport is a popular stopover on many long-distance flights between Europe and Australia, and several airlines have flights between Singapore and all the major Asian cities.

Getting to Singapore

Singapore’s Changi Airport is often chosen as one of the best airports in the world. You can fly to Singapore from all parts of Southeast Asia, from East Asian countries and from India. Frequent flights also connect Singapore to Australia and to Europe. Adventurous travelers can also travel to Singapore by train. Trains connect this city state to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and as far as Bangkok in Thailand.

Things to See and Do

Singapore is a small city state but it is densely populated. Its population includes Chinese, Indian and Malaysian residents and the mix of these different cultures shows in its architecture, cultural life and food. The street food is world-famous and it is also hygienic and safe to eat. Singapore is one of the cleanest and safest destinations in Southeast Asia and if you like to sample new foods, it is an excellent place to try the local street food.

Hawker centers are popular places to eat. They are collections of stalls that sell a wide variety of affordable food including all the different cuisines of China, traditional foods from Malaysia and Indonesia, Indian food and Western food. There is a large Western expatriate community in the city and many restaurants and bars cater for Westerners.

Singapore is also famous for its shopping. There are shopping malls everywhere in the city although the biggest shopping destination is Orchard Road. This long stretch of road is lined with designer stores, department stores, restaurants and bars. Street markets are great places to find good discounts and to buy affordable souvenirs. Chinatown has good markets and it is also a great place to enjoy delicious food from street stalls or in Chinese restaurants.

Traveling Around Singapore

If traveling to Singapore is easy, getting around the city is simple too. The city has a modern, air-conditioned public transportation system, the MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation). The MRT is Singapore’s metro and it covers many parts of the city. Air-conditioned buses travel to most destinations and are safe and comfortable.